ThinkTV Vehicle Donation Program

ThinkTV is the most widely used non-profit educational, cultural and informational resource in our community. Each week, more than 750,000 viewers watch quality programming on channels 16 & 14. More than 100 school districts, serving 20,000 teachers and more than 400,000 students, receive our daily educational programming and services. The mission of ThinkTV is to strengthen the communities we serve through programs and services that inspire and inform, educate and engage, fostering citizenship and culture, the joy of learning and the power of diverse perspectives.

Have an old car taking up space in your driveway? Donate it to ThinkTV!

We accept all types of vehicles:

How it Works

1. Call us at 855-95-THINK or (855-958-4465)

2. We will tow your vehicle at no cost to you!

3. Get a tax deductible receipt and help our cause.

Making a Donation is EASY!

It's as easy as filling out the online donation form or picking up a phone and speaking to a live operator.

If you have any questions just call one of our friendly operators toll-free at 855-95-THINK or (855-958-4465) seven days a week.

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